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About Olivedays

Who we are

Olivedays is an independent travel and events company based both in Europe and in India. We specialize in travels, weddings and events in Mediterranean and Continental Europe.


What we do

We create exclusive chauffeur and guided holidays to European countries for selected groups, designing every detail from pick-up to farewell.

Our travels include sports tours and fitness tours, as well as pilgrimages to sacred places.

Likewise, we design and manage your wedding reception or company events in special destinations.


How we do it

All our travels are unique and tailor-made to our guests’ wishes and inclination, catering to any individual request, with the highest standard of accommodation, cuisine and vehicles.

Olivedays staff are constantly with you when you travel, driving you, guiding you and making your holiday a special and unforgettable experience.

The richness of our itineraries, the outstanding quality of our service, the warmth and friendliness of our staff make us the leading company in personalized travels to Europe.

Rather than carting people around by the busload full, Olivedays treats guests to the real taste of the country they visit. With you, we explore the most celebrated spots of Europe, and then derail off the beaten track, ending up in remote enchanting towns, family dinners, local festivals, places rich with authenticity.

We pay the utmost attention to your background, taste and sensibility: if you are vegetarian, for instance, or vegan, or a non-drinker by belief. And if you have any special need, this becomes our primary concern.


Weddings & events

With the same blend of beauty, uniqueness and adventure, we make Europe the perfect setting for your wedding reception or corporate event.


Our philosophy

Experiences rather than tours, adventure rather than sightseeing, family rather than business. Olivedays offers you what others don’t: luxury in simplicity.